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Kobalt.io Webinar: Business Email Compromise and Defense
Email is critical to the lifeblood of modern business. Business email compromise (BEC) is no joke, and continues to increase despite increased awareness. The people behind these scams know how to trick users, relying on a variety of technical tools, urgency and fear to direct funds and steal sensitive information. Worse yet, hybrid workforces make it easier than ever for attackers to succeed. Join us in this webinar, where Michael Argast Co-founder and CEO at Kobalt.io, will discuss:
- How business email fraud bypass existing security controls and trick users
- Ways to detect and spot email fraud
- Reactive and proactive measures to secure your organization
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Michael Argast
Co-founder and CEO @Kobalt.io
Michael is an experienced cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of industry experience. He is the co-founder and CEO of Kobalt.io, a rapidly growing cloud-focused security services provider. Kobalt.io works with over 200 cloud-focused technology companies to help develop their cyber security programs and ensure the security of their organization.